Chicken laksa

Ann at work mail ordered 12 jars of laksa paste this week from The Malaya on King Street Wharf (which I’ve yet to visit but have heard marvelous things about) and she was happy to sell me one, so tonight I try it out for Mr T and me. Half a jar of paste stirred with the corresponding quantity of chicken stock given in the recipe on the side of the jar doesn’t produce enough liquid for the chicken and vermicelli to be submerged in, so I double it and make the full ‘serves 4’ amount. I add lots of brocoli, carrots and corn, expertly chopped by Mr T. The recipe calls for milk rather than coconut milk, which surprises us. A couple of minutes before the end I add a good handful of bean sprouts. It’s ready in no time at all and soon heaped and ladelled into hot bowls with corriander generously sprinkled on top.

Chicken laksa

Chicken laksa, chez Mr & Mrs T

It’s very tasty indeed but we decide it needs just a bit of acidity and a squeeze of lime juice does just the trick. We could have pigged out and finished the lot but opt instead to put some in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.


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